Saturday, 3 May 2008

An unwelcome pet - A cobra in the garden

In Brazil and particularly in the Amazon region the word: cobra is used for snake. Any snake is called cobra, whatever the scientific or popular name. A snake is a cobra and a cobra is a snake. Period. So the cobra is going to town. The deforestation of the Amazon causes an invasion of cobras in the neighbourhoods of Belém, according to Ibama, the governmental environment institute. Only this year already 21 cobras are reported by the citizenry, while last year an average of 2 reports per month came in.
Up till now no venomous snake has been caught, although they found species of some 3 meter long. Imagine the fear of the people to step into their garden with the chance to stand eye to eye with a 3 meter long cobra ready to attack. According to Ibama, the infiltration of cobras in the town is a direct result of the illegal deforestation activities in the areas around Belém.
"The deforestation destroys the habitat of the snakes and they move into town", declares a spokeswoman for Ibama. After they have caught the cobras Ibama brings them to local zoological gardens or places them back into the natural habitat of ecological reservations.


Thursday, 1 May 2008

BMW Updates Classic M1 Sports Car - The Final Demise of Extravagance

This year's auto show Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este had the “primeur” showing the new BMW M1 Homage concept, a stunning, modern tribute on Munich's legendary super sports car. The M1 Homage holds remarkably firmly to the original of 30 years ago, which was a mix between BMW and Lamborghini, and which production ended in 1981.

In addition to a low styling, extended and intimidating, the Homage does remind us of the M1 in details as the central air exhausts in the bonnet, the blinds of the rear window, the design of the hatch back, the lines of the rims, even the colour orange. And the differences? A bestial front look, and headlights deeply set back. Although the sharp lines flow together to create a look of absolute grace, it is a monster on the road.

There is no production foreseen for the Homage, however it isn’t improbable that after an enthusiastic reception by the public of the prototype, BMW might decide to start manufacturing something identical, hopefully with the 5 litre V10 motor.

At this moment little info is available, but we expect a lot more assuming a press kit will be released sometime soon.

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