Monday, 31 March 2008

Breast Massage Robot - Serious or the Newest Sex Toy?

Typified by some blogger, as “the greatest invention of the 21st century so far”, the Breast Massage Robot is, according to the inventor: "capable to give physical massage to human breasts the way professional massagers do." Although an eye-brow raising miracle of modern science, the inventors deny it has something to do with sex or pleasure, as it is designed as a medical therapy device.

Really? If so, why do Mr. Wang Wei and his engineers from the Beijing BUBBY Robot Technologies Co advertise the new robot for:
*Adolescent girls who want to improve the growth of their breasts.
*Women who want to improve their sex lives
*Women who just want to relax
*Breast surgery patients who want a fast recovery
*Breast-feeding moms
*Relieving breast pains during menstruation
Three out of six sales arguments have little to do with medical treatment. But Mr. Wang Wei is exigent: “Please do not misunderstand. The original intention of the invention was not to replace the men. That is stripping out an intimate contact, the robot can’t substitute. Breast Health needs a daily 10-minutes massage. Asking to do this every day by your boyfriend or husband would be unwise!”

In case you want to bet your money on this invention, the Chinese inventor seeks a patent for his Breast Massage Robot and is currently looking for investors. If the projected figures are correct, the expected sales figures are 360,000 sets in mainland China, 180,000 sets for the whole Southeast Asian region, and 360,000 sets for Europe and America, according to a report filed by Mr. Wang Wei.
Well, you never know, maybe there is a market for breast massagers. In any case it will be seen more as a sophisticated sex toy, than as a medical treatment device. In that case there certainly is money in there!

Watch a video of the Breast Massage Robot in action courtesy of GerbilGod7

source: Botjunkie

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