Friday, 20 February 2009

Amazing ... Nanotechnology in Action

He became America's big man – but here is Barack Obama smaller than a grain of SALT.

These amazing 3-D mini Nanobama masterpieces show America's President-elect so tiny he is invisible to the naked eye.

Professor John Hart and his colleagues at the University of Michigan created them using 150million microscopic carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

The tiny hollow cylinders tens of thousands of times smaller than human hair, but made of stronger and stiffer stuff than steel, were stood up on end to create the portraits.

Prof Hart said: “Developments like this are an excellent way to bring the concepts of nanotechnology to a broader audience.

"Also, we thought it would be fun.”

Nanotechnology involves the engineering of systems on a molecular scale.

Published 19 Jan 2009 in The Sun: "Tiny President Nanobama" written by Leon Watson


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