Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Homer Simpson and Mario in the Flesh?

Human cartoons are realistic interpretations of famous cartoon characters. In this case, we have Homer Simpson and Mario in the flesh.

The artist used various textures of human skin and pieces of various faces to compose the image. The result is frightening impressive.

The artist, who goes under the name Pixeloo, writes on his website, “There isn’t really a strong reason I’m keeping this anonymous, I just kinda decided before I started that that’s how I wanted to do things. I work with Photoshop almost daily in my profession. I don’t feel like I get to have much fun with it lately though and this is my outlet.”

According to the artist the transformation of Homer Simpson took much more time and was much more complicated than Mario. He doesn’t explain why, but you can imagine that the lack of hair must have taken a lot more skin transplant. But whatever the case, both are so realistic that you start thinking of them as real persons.

Ah, they look horrible… But you know, women like ugly men.

source: Pixeloo

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