Friday, 11 April 2008

Labyrinth Aquarium - Goldfish Swimming In Gold

Habitrail, a manufacturer of the most ingenious and ridiculous houses for hamsters, created out of the intention to replicate the hamster's natural habitat as well as offering the pet entertaining areas, has now widened its scope by innovating a Labyrinth Aquarium, in which your goldfish can explore its largely more complicated world as it would be in nature.

Apparently the engineers of Habitrail thought that the space to move was too dull and restricted for the fish in an ordinary aquarium, although aquariums should provide a neo-natural environment. So, they designed the Labyrinth Aquarium, which features multiple water tanks connected with pipe for the fish to explore. The aquariums come with all of the filters, lights, pumps and cleaning equipment you need, all hidden away in the cabinet (in cherry brown, black or carbon fibre) below. Just for a trifling amount of USD 5.500 your goldfish can explore his new world.

source: CoolHunting

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