Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Serving Dinner At 60 Meter Height

Hoisting diners skywards on a 5.000 kg steel construction while they sit comfortable at a table, expecting to get their dinner served at an height of 60 m, the Belgium company “Dinner in the Sky” is giving an extra dimension to the phrase “dinner with a view.”
Diners are locked into their chairs by six-point seat belts that operate from the back side of the seat so they can’t disconnect themselves.
Dinner in the Sky accommodates 22 people around the table, with three staff in the middle (chef, waiter, or entertainer), while a flying stage enables diners to enjoy music while they eat.

Actually Kerkhofs, a director of Dinner in the Sky, says his new concept was the suggestion of a customer. “One of our attractions involved lifting people up on a platform and giving them a view of the area,” Kerkhofs says. “One customer suggested it would be nice to eat at that level and watch the sunset.”

The company’s suspended table measures 8 x 6 m and weighs approximately 8.000 kg fully loaded (5.000 kg unloaded). Eight cables, connected at points on all four sides, tether the table to a crane.

The company is in the process of designing a permanent Dinner In The Sky restaurant tower, which would hold four tables and 88 diners. It is said to be in the midst of negotiations with an unnamed Orlando, FL theme park to build the tower there.


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