Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Staying In A Pineapple - Landmark Trust’s Holiday House

One of the most delirious buildings saved and restored by the Landmark Trust, is the world’s famous Pineapple in Scotland, not far from Edinburgh.
The flamboyant banker Sir John Smith, the founder of the Landmark Trust, had a preference for landmarks which were threatened to fell prey to disinterest or urge for innovation during the sixties of the last century. Smith had been a member of the board of the National Trust, the large British society for protection of nature and culture. But at the time the National Trust refused to accept a revamping financial schedule, which later proved to be very profitable, Smith founded his own foundation, the Landmark Trust in 1965.

The Pineapple with its dome shaped as a pineapple is now refurbished and is available for the public as a holiday home. The dome itself is transformed in an elegant living room with a panoramic view of the surrounding country estate. One problem, the rooms are not internally connected. In other words when you want to go from the kitchen to the living room, you have to go around. Not always enjoyable with the unstable Scottish weather.
A stay in the Pineapple, however, is hip since Spongebob Squarepants started to live in a similar model.

source: Blog Marc van den Eerenbeemt

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